Why have your online test with Drops de Cor?

With a genuinely Brazilian touch and an innovative approach, Drops de Cor has captured the hearts of many. Founded in 2018, the brand has since become a powerhouse in the personal coloring segment. Our success is the result of pioneering spirit, innovation, and impeccable quality applied to our materials, courses, and consultations.

We were pioneers in launching the first digital personal coloring method in 2021 and since then have colored thousands of clients!

All tests are evaluated individually by members of our team! We do not use artificial intelligence!

How the online test works?

After you make your purchase you will receive a step - by - step guide to capture the photo that will be used in your analysis! You will need to send your photo to our team by e-mail.

After we receive your photo, our team will have 7 business days to sent you back the result with the choice of season!

Along with your result you will receive a pdf file with all the comparative steps that led us to the choice of the season!

All tests are evaluated by a member of our team and validated by our expert Sissa Germann!

  • PDF showing all the comparative steps

    Find out if you look better in light or dark, vivid or mutted, warm or cool colors and many other característics.

  • Digital Dossier of Your Season

    Get a full beaty and fashion guide that will teach you the best ways to wear colors in accessories, clothing, makeup and hair.

  • Digital Palette

    The Drops de Cor digital palette includes 60 colors, 5 best colors, 5 neutrals, color combinations and best metals.

Who is our expert Sissa Germann?

Born in Brazil but with a nomadic profile, Sissa lived abroad for 10 years in Vienna, London, and Miami. She started her career in fashion as a designer where she discovered her passion for colors and how they can transform not only people's external appearance but also their
self-confidence and self-esteem. Her fascination with the psychology of colors and the ability to express the unique essence of each individual through the right color palette has made her a respected expert worldwide. Through years of dedication to her craft, Sissa has developed an innovative approach to personal coloration, combining traditional techniques with a contemporary vision. Her goal is to unveil each client's chromatic harmony, taking into account their individuality, personality, and lifestyle. This holistic and empathetic approach by
Sissa is the beating heart of Drops de Cor!