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Transform lives and boost self-esteem with our high-quality personal
coloring products. For 8 years, we've been empowering image
consultants to shine in the personal color analysis market!

From Brazil to the world!

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during the month of may 2024, will be donated to the victims of the flood in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil!

From Brazil to the World

We are a reference brand in the personal color analysis market in Brazil and export our products and methodology worldwide! We are proud to bring our stylish colors and the brazilian lifestyle to other parts of the world. Become part of our colorful family and start spreading confidence and joy to other people.

We are currently shipping our products internationally from this store to: United States, Canadá, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolívia, Colômbia and Venezuela.

Wish to receive our products somewhere else? Contact us bellow and we will make it happen.

unique color quality

The First Double - Sided Color Palettes

We were pioneers worldwide in launching the first double-sided personal color analysis palettes! More complete, practical and full of charm!

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Color Analysis with bossa

Unique Methodology

We are globally recognized for the Brazilian personal coloration concept, full of style and creativity! With practical and effective
steps, our materials and courses are 100% authentic, delivering exquisit precision in results. Our unique method is adaptable to different racial admixtures and that's what makes it so special!

We apply the Expanded Seasonal Method with a touch of brazilian bossa!

We will be launching soon our first International Color Analysis Training Course in english.

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